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   Immigration Law covers the national government's policies with regards to the immigration, deportation, and citizenship.  While the laws vary from country to country, it can also be affected by political climates.


   Immigration can be permanent with the intention to live and work in the country.  It can also include temporary nonimmigrant stays for a variety of reasons.  The United States takes a variety of factors, including but not limited to family and work skills, into consideration when looking at immigration status.  


   The procedures for gaining legal immigrant or nonimmigrant status depends on your chosen path.  These paths can be complicated and consist of confusing procedures for potential immigrants.  Getting assistance from competent legal counsel can be the correct step in making the process less confusing.


  Our office is located in Myrtle Beach,SC.  However, we represent clients residing throughout the whole Horry County area, and elsewhere. We have presented applications at USCIS (formerly INS) district offices, USCIS service centers, and Immigration Courts throughout the U.S.A.


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